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Willow Palin McCain Holds Election Night Gathering In Phoenix
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Willow Palin Sarah Palin Drops Ceremonial First Puck At St. Louis Blues Games
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Willow Palin Palin Campaigns In Pittsburgh-Area
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Bristol Palin and Melissa Rivers to Trade Lives on 'Celebrity Wife Swap'

By Jill Slattery on
(Getty)Are you ready for the best Celebrity Wife Swap ever?The ABC reality series will return on Sunday, June 23 with an episode featuring Bristol Palin and her little sister Willow trading places with Joan and Melissa Rivers. Melissa will head on up to Wasilla, Alaska to spend a week living with 19-year-old Willow Palin and Bristol's four-year-old son Tripp, who's apparently a little hell-raiser with no discipline.Bristol Palin, meanwhile, will scoot on over to Los Angeles to hang out with...Read Full Story

Willow Palin -- Did David Letterman go to far?

By Jake on
The fued between the Palin family and David Letterman now inolves 14-year-old Willow Palin.The Palin family claims that Letterman made inappropiate jokes about their daughter. Letterman says he wasn't.From an article at Entertainment Weekly : To Palin's accusations that he was making a joke about "raping" one of her daughters, let's go to the text: Letterman's self-admittedly "ugly" joke was that 18-year-old Bristol was "knocked up" by baseball's Alex Rodriguez. That phrase doesn't carry the...Read Full Story