About Rebecca Holman
Who am I
Just a gal from Montana. Happily hooked up for 16 years with a guy that buys me flowers for no reason at all, loves to do the dishes and laundry and makes the best Sunday Breakfast of all time. I AM HAPPY...
What I'm Reading
Like to read novels and mysteries
Subjects I'd Like to Learn More About
writing Word Press Themes and plugins..k how geekoid is that but really some themes are works of arts and plugins are functional so makes my right and left brain humm just thinking about it.
An Interesting Fact
Montana has under 1 million people in over 147,046 square miles and is 4th in area after California which is 163,707 square miles and has over 35 million people.
Montana has 6 people per square mile vs 217 in Cali.