Legality of hacking an iPhone

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Hackers may have the law on their side. Remember, decades ago, automakers built their instrument panels so that only authorized radios of their own manufacture would fit in. Eventually, U.S. courts ended that practice.Is the Apple iPhone and AT&T deal the same type of gig?Read Full Story

George Hotz makes it onto Wikipedia

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Not bad for a 17 year old kid...he's got his own wikipedia page now! Linked from --- The Unlocking of Apple's iPhone On August 21, 2007, Hotz announced on his blog that he, along with four other collaborators, had achieved a full unlock of the Apple iPhone, allowing it to be used with any SIM card. The 10-step method he used to achieve this unlock was later posted on his blog. Although many other purported unlocks appeared earlier, including one by...Read Full Story

George Hotz hack is legal

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"Locking" consumers into AT&T service plans is a lame move by Apple. Why in the world would I want to be forced into switching providers just to use an iPhone! Well, 17 year old George Hotz didn't want to get stuck with AT&T either. He figured out how to unlock the iphone and is now telling the world how to do it. Linked from --- Apple and AT&T may not like it, but what George Hotz did is perfectly legal - owners of cell...Read Full Story

George Hotz hacks the iPhone

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Don't like AT&T? No worries, 17 year old George Hotz has found a way to unlock your iPhone and allow you to use any cellular provider that you want. He has posted instructions on his blog. He's also selling hacked iPhone's on eBay. The corporate suits at AT&T can't be happy about this...Read Full Story