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Lucy Liu 2015 Pioneer Works 2nd Annual Village Fete
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Lucy Liu 101st Annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner - Inside Arrivals
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Lucy Liu The Hill, Extra And The Embassy Of Canada Celebrate The White House Correspondents' Dinner Weekend
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December 2006 - December 2006
The two, who were rumored to date in 2000, were caught by paparazzi sharing a steamy New Year's Eve kiss in 2006.
2004 - Present
The couple have been going strong for many years, but both have chosen to remain mum about their relationship to the...
2002 - 2004
These two got very serious, announcing their engagement in 2004. However, they eventually parted ways. "I don't want...
Who was the best dressed celebrity this week?
Submitted to Lucy Liu
Taylor Swift
Who plays the best Watson on television?
Submitted to Lucy Liu
Martin Freeman
Which film was Lucy Liu's best?
Submitted to Lucy Liu
Charlie's Angels

Hollywood Benjamin Buttons: 19 Celebrities Who Seem to Be Aging In Reverse

By Darrick Thomas on
They say that movies are timeless. Well, upon further review, it might be the actors who star in them who will last forever. Whether it's just good genes, the money for upkeep, or a membership to an underground cabal of Hollywood vampirism that comes with their SAG card, some stars never seem to age, or, better yet, seem to get younger with time. Check out these side-by-side comparisons of celebs through the years and see if you can pick out which photo is the older one and which is from...Read Full Story

Character Face-Off: Lucy Liu's Watson vs. Martin Freeman's Watson

By Hayley Igarashi on
(CBS & BBC) Let's take a break from our busy lives to focus on a matter of some importance: the curious incident of two modern-day Watsons sharing primetime space on our televisions. In another world, one without bias or fandoms at the ready, we could let these two Watsons coexist peacefully — as equals, even. But this is our world. We don't let two characters share a name without picking a favorite — no, a champion — to crush the less-worthy upstart in a showdown of our own imagination. So...Read Full Story

George Clooney's Impressive Roster of Ex-Girlfriends

By Darrick Thomas on
George Clooney is Hollywood's posterboy for perennial bachelorhood. After divorcing from actress Talia Balsam back in 1993, Clooney's adopted a very strict "no marriage" policy, and his string of flings over the course of the last two decades has done nothing to suggest his stance will change. From co-stars to models to waitresses to WWE wrestlers to Oscar winners, Clooney's dating history is one for the ages. (There's even some overlap, because of course.)See for yourself with a tour through...Read Full Story

'Elementary' Casts Rhys Ifans as Sherlock Holmes' Older Brother

By Jill Slattery on
(Getty, CBS)Sherlock Holmes, get ready to meet your older brother.CBS announced on Wednesday that Rhys Ifans has been cast in the recurring role of Sherlock Holmes’ older brother, Mycroft Holmes (best name ever, no?), on Elementary. Ifans will first appear in the Season 2 premiere, which will be shot on location in London. The Elementary season opener features Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) being called home to London to revisit an old case, where he is forced to face his older brother, Mycroft...Read Full Story

'Elementary' Stars Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu Dish on Sunday's Big Super Bowl Episode

By Jill Slattery on
(Photo courtesy of CBS)If you're more into TV shows than tackling, don't worry — Super Bowl Sunday has something for you too.This year the freshman drama Elementary has scored the plum post-Super Bowl game slot, and the Sherlock Holmes drama has an excellent new episode in store for fans and newbies alike. In this preview video, the cast of the hit CBS drama takes you behind the scenes of the highly-anticipated episode, which has Holmes working with an ex (Kari Matchett) to find a mad man who...Read Full Story
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