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Mel Gibson Opening Ceremony - 49th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
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Mel Gibson "The Expendables 3" Premiere - The 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival
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Mel Gibson "The Expendables 3" Photocall - The 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival
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November 2011 - Present
Mel Gibson and Azita Ghanizada were rumored to be dating after they were seen kissing while out to dinner in LA. At...
October 2009 - May 2010
The began publicly dating shortly after the breakup of Gibson's marriage. They have one daughter together, Lucia...
1977 - April 2009
The two were married on June 7, 1980 in New South Wales, and had eight children together. While the two seperated in...

'Machete Kills' Is More Madcap Mexican Fun from Robert Rodriguez and Danny Trejo

By JJ Duncan on
Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez in Machete Kills. (From Open Road Films)The nice thing about a movie like Machete Kills is the audience gets exactly what the poster promises: lots of stunt casting, nubile actresses in skimpy outfits, and Danny Trejo wielding some big effing knives.Anyone who leaves Machete Kills complaining about its lack of realism, its over-the-top performances, or its general schlockiness has missed the point, and probably has no sense of humor. Machete Kills delivers...Read Full Story

From Boob Guns to Knife Phones: The 9 Coolest Things About the 'Machete Kills' Trailer

By Darrick Thomas on
Machete Kills looks AWESOME. It's ridiculous, over-the-top, and doesn't take itself seriously in the slightest. I mean, there are boob guns. BOOB GUNS! It's like the antidote to all the dark, brooding, emo superhero movies that have been dominating the cineplex this year. And if you have any doubts, the latest trailer will put those to rest. But we're gonna ease you into the super cool festival of death and destruction with why we think Machete Kills looks so sweet.President Charlie Sheen...Read Full Story

Celebrities Oprah Cannot Be Friends With

By Darrick Thomas on
(Photo: Getty Images)Oprah Winfrey is famous for her "favorite things," but one thing that will never be among them is the use of the N-word. In a new Parade interview concerning her upcoming movie, The Butler, a film following the civil rights movement through the eyes of a White House butler played by Forrest Whitaker, Oprah was very blunt about her unilateral feelings on the word in all its forms.In the interview, director Lee Daniels admitted, "It's a word I used quite a bit, until Oprah...Read Full Story

Has a Mel Gibson Comeback Become Palatable Yet?

By JJ Duncan on
(Photos from Open Road Films | Getty Images | Lionsgate)Mel Gibson is walking slowly back toward the mainstream whether audiences are ready or not, and a new bit of key casting information shows that at least he's got Sylvester Stallone on his side.It's been almost exactly three years since a series of taped phone conversations put a full-stop on the actor/director/producer's career. He said really awful things we won't recount here, that made him an instant pariah in Hollywood. The movie he...Read Full Story

New 'Machete Kills' Trailer Reveals More Bilingual Action

By Dino-Ray Ramos on
(Photo from Open Road Films)Director Robert Rodriguez continues to cater to his Grindhouse fans with his latest grimey movie, Machete Kills. The sequel to Rodriguez's Machete brings back badass Danny Trejo as the title character who trying to stop a billionaire arms dealer who plans to start a global war. The long and star-studded cast list includes Lady Gaga, Charlie Sheen (who goes by Carlos Estevez in this one), and Sofia Vergara — with her trusty machine gun bra. Who else is looking...Read Full Story
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