TMZ releases part of the OJ Simpson murder book

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Quotes and portions of the manuscript of OJ Simpson's If I Did It book have been leaked to the Internet. One excerpt describes how OJ Simpson would have gone through with the killings of Nicole Simpson if he did it. TMZ, the popular blog and entertainment news website published portions of the manuscript. The legal teams freaked out and are holding TMZ in contempt. Here is a portion of the manuscript quoted: I looked over at Goldman, and I was fuming. I guess he thought I was going to...Read Full Story

“If I Did It” on eBay

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The OJ Simpson book “If I Did It” was canceled, but it's been selling for top dollar on eBay - or for thousands of top dollars.  At least 3 copies of the book have been sold on eBay.  A spokesman for eBay was quoted as saying that his company is trying to comply with the publisher HarperCollins’ request to have the books removed from the internet auction site.Read Full Story

OJ's book is eventually going to print

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Yes,  Rupert Murdoch withdrew the book this month and canceled the OJ interview on Fox But now this ill-conceived project is getting front-page press all over the nation.  Everyone is talking about OJ again.  News articles are reminding people of the drama behind OJ's trial and old familiar names are back in the press. --- Eventually, this book is going to get printed.  A couple of rare copies are already being sold on eBay.  When this thing eventually is going to sell like mad...Read Full Story

News Corp still in a mess over OJ murder book

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OJ, OJ, OJ. Seems this story will never end. Now the families are accusing News Corp of trying to buy out their silence in regards to OJ's murder book. --- Linked from --- The families of both Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman, who was murdered with her over a decade ago, have accused the Murdoch empire of trying to buy their silence. --- The book, entitled If I Did It, was meant to go on sale at the end of this...Read Full Story

Fred Goldman speaks about OJ

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"It's one more added insult to injury. I can't stand to see him around - he makes my skin crawl." - Fred GoldmanRead Full Story