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Sting 2017 Tribeca Film Festival After Party For The Clapper Presented By EFFEN Vodka At Avenue
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Sting Sting '57th & 9th' World Tour - New York
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Sting An Alternative View Of The 89th Annual Academy Awards
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Important Question: Which Celebrity Has the Weirdest Clap?

By Darrick Thomas on
Admittedly, the Tony Awards isn't for everyone. But even if you're not into Broadway and the whole song and dance thing, there are still plenty of reasons to watch, reasons that have nothing to do with acting or singing or melodrama, like this year's number one reason: Sting's clap.What the hell is that? That's not how you do it, buddy. Have you been taking notes from Steve McQueen?Or Beyonce?Maybe you have sensitive hands like Britney Spears:Perhaps you could improve with a little more...Read Full Story

How to Pronounce Celebrity Names

By Joe Robberson on
(Getty Images)You think you know your favorite celebrities so well when BANG! All of a sudden you see them give interviews and hear the real way they pronounce their names. MINDS are BLOWN this way. Don't be surprised by interviews ever again. Study up below:Amanda Seyfried (Amanda SIGH-fred)Saoirse Ronan (SEER-shuh Ro-nuhn)Harmony Korine (Harmony Kor-een)Zooey Deschanel (Zoey Day-shuh-nell)Shia LaBeouf (Shy-uh La-BUFF)Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Low-en)Demi Moore (Duh-me Moore)Ralph Fiennes (RAY...Read Full Story

Sting Celebrates 59th Birthday with Famous Friends in London

By BangShowbiz on
Sting rang in his 59th birthday in style this year, partying at London members’ club Bungalow 8 with his wife Trudie Styler, actor Richard E. Grant, Australian cricket legend Shane Warne and British actor, author and TV star Stephen Fry.The Police frontman opted for a thick, warm winter coat to keep the wind on the rain off him, even pulling up the hood so he wouldn’t get a chill on his neck.His wife Trudie, 56, opted for a more daring leather trench coat and short black skirt.Before heading...Read Full Story

Sting's Wife Sometimes Wishes He'd Keep His Mouth Shut

By BangShowbiz on
Trudie Styler married Sting in 1992, and she admits she was a little annoyed when he told the world all about their steamy sessions in the bedroom. She said: “He was doing an interview with Bob Geldof and I think they were actually getting blotto. Sting and I have been doing yoga for so many years and I think what he was saying was that there is a lot of intimacy missed out by people having sex.“I did say to him, ‘Why couldn’t you have drunk less and said less?’ But I think the lagers were...Read Full Story

Sting: I Know People Think I'm a 'Pretentious Prat'

By BangShowbiz on
Say what you will about Sting, he doesn't lack self-awareness. The singer says he knows that some people consider him a "pretentious prat."Despite that, the former Police frontman knows he can be annoying he won't change because he doesn't care what people think of him.He told The Daily Telegraph newspaper: "For some people I am a pretentious prat. But they're not people who actually know me. I don't feel like defending myself that much so I'd rather say, 'That's fine, believe what you want...Read Full Story
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