'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Recap: "It Can't Be About Us All The Time"


Tonight on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe took what was supposed to be a Bruce-planned camping trip and turned it into an alien hunt, Kris premiered her new talk show (and we all know how that ended up...), and Kim worried about her comeback.

This Week's Winners – Khloe and Bruce

Bruce plans a camping trip for himself, all the Jenner kids, Khloe, and Rob. Khloe, decides to turn the trip into an alien hunting experience by letting everyone, except Bruce, know in advance that they're going to drive the RV to Area 51 on the way to the campground and only tell Bruce right before it happens. Khloe has Kendall pull the RV over at a gas station and Khloe reveals the surprise complete with informational pamphlets she printed. I know what you're thinking, Kendall was driving the RV?!? Yes. I once drove a Uhaul and within five minutes rode over a median and pulled over crying tears of shock. Why you would let a 17-year-old drive a much, much larger RV, I'll never know. Anyway, Khloe tells Bruce, “You have no say in this,” so they go to Area 51 and meet an expert and a man that was “abducted by aliens” in the '70s.

The reason Bruce wins this week is because he was the only person in the group who didn't believe in aliens and is therefor the only normal one. Also, the abducted guy tells Leah “I'm disappointed because I've always admired Bruce.” Then Bruce has to be nice to the guy and take pictures with him, but once he leaves Bruce is back to saying that there's no way the man was abducted and that they're all crazy to believe him. The thing is, that guy is definitely watching this Kardashians episode, so he'll know what Bruce said. Way to go, Bruce. Seriously. Aliens aren't real.

While I didn't appreciate Khloe taking over Bruce's camping trip, I've gotta give her a win for how she handles Lamar's increasingly odd behavior. The show is pretty vague about what's going on with him but Khloe says he's “been having a really tough time lately.” Later, Lamar starts calling everyone's phone who's on the trip only to ask if Khloe's with them. This makes Khloe awkwardly giggle because she says she'd rather laugh than cry. By the end of the episode, she's received a call that Lamar is missing and won't answer his phone. She says she'll deal with it once she's back in LA. All in all, it seems like Khloe's somehow able to keep calm and very supportive of whatever's going on with Lamar even when it's hard for her.

This Week's Losers – Kris, Kourtney, and Kim

These three lose this week because they were all involved with ridiculous, easily solved drama surrounding Kris' new talk show. Kourtney and Khloe attend the taping of the first episode. Once it's over Kourtney rushes backstage and tells her mom that she “has a bunch of notes.” Kris thinks Kourtney's being too critical and confronts her about it while out to dinner together. Kourtney responds to her mother's literal cries for support by simply stating, “I don't watch TV.” This whole thing was annoying. On the one hand, Kourtney's right. The talk show wasn't good which is why it didn't get picked up, so Kris probably did need some notes. On the other, Kourtney, just watch the show. Come on. On the other... foot, Kris cries ALL THE TIME and is super needy so I could see how that would get tiresome. I only have to see her on TV once a week and I'm tired of it.

Kim was also involved in the talk show because she agreed to film a segment from home in order to show her support. Only she really doesn't want to film it saying, “I don't want this to be like 'she's back.'” She worries about looking unattractive and the ends of her hair being in frame (really, she said this) and how she's supposed to be feeding the baby — okay, that last one's a legitimate concern — but still, just film it and get it over with. Or don't film it because you don't want to. Just stop complaining! Ah, the Kardashians are really taking a toll on this self-proclaimed Kardashian defender!

Parting Quote:
“It can't be about us all the time.”
-Khloe watching the first episode of Kris. This is so true. And Kris soooo didn't follow this logic AT ALL.

What did you think? Do you wish Bruce just got his normal camping trip? Do you too feel a strange sense of support for Khloe? Do you believe in aliens? Talk out all your supernatural beliefs in the comments!