Hot Couple #4: Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady

Tom Brady in Detroit Pistons v Boston Celtics, Game 2
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Last year, Forbes listed Gisele's salary at $65 million, thanks to her many product endorsements (including Pantene, Vogue eyewear and Nivea). As for Brady, he earns about $5 million a year from the New England Patriots, though he's also due a $3 million bonus this year. And he has a Super Bowl win under his belt. Also, don't forget Tom's own endorsements for products like Stetson cologne, which he probably earns a bundle for.

Backside Betty

Where to begin? We're dealing with an athlete, so let's stick to the stats: Gisele is 5' 11", blonde, blue-eyed and Brazilian. It's her job to look hot, and she's doing very well (if you need convincing, check out footage from her GQ photo shoot below). Tom is 6' 4" and 225 lbs., with the rugged good looks of an American golden boy.

In April, around 450,000 people searched Google for Tom, and another 300,000 searched for Gisele. Those numbers are high enough to push them into our 40 most popular celebrity couples.

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Staying Power.
These two have been together since 2006, and they tied the knot this year. Unlike many couples on our list, this is the first marriage for both of these celebs. While both of them have had publicized relationships in the past (Tom with baby mama Bridget Moynahan and Gisele with Leonardo DiCaprio), they tend to keep a low profile for the most part. As a result, you won't be hearing them gushing about each other to the press.


Both Tom and Gisele are Leos, so they like to be the life of the party. If they learn to cooperate instead of struggling for dominance, this relationship has the potential to be passionate and and devoted. No need to worry about a wandering eye: Neither of them could find a hotter partner if they tried.

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