Surfing! Motorcycles! Flight suits! The only law is gravity.
Just when you thought you'd never need math again...
She is no longer a terrifying CGI abomination.
Fans got an eyeful the last two nights in Toronto.
Ruby Rose joins Orange is the New Black for season 3 and say goodbye to The Silence of the Lambs, Clarice...
Though he's still not saying if they're ignoring the Taylor Kitsch Gambit.
This isn't what we learned in middle school.
Let's see how well you know this animated animal kingdom.
It proves why Imperator Furiosa, not Tom Hardy, is the film's true hero.
The 'Dancing with the Stars' winner posted an Instagram snap of herself and her famous mom wearing the exact same outfit.
You know you want to get into the Groove (Fest)!
The actor opens up about playing a member of The Rock's search and rescue team in this summer's biggest natural disaster movie.
The 'Extreme Weight Loss' power couple returns to television tonight with a new set of jaw-dropping lifestyle makeovers.
Ta-dah! Leave it to movie magic to take attractive people, dork-ify them, and then make them hot again.
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