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Alexander Skarsgard Alexander Skarsgard and Alexa Chung are Seen at LAX
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Alexander Skarsgard Picture Alexander Skarsgard Picture Alexander Skarsgard Picture
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Alexa Chung 
Alexander Skarsgard Alexander Skarsgard Seen at LAX
Source: Bauer Griffin
Alexander Skarsgard Picture Alexander Skarsgard Picture Alexander Skarsgard Picture
Alexander Skarsgard Acura Studio At Sundance - Day 3 - 2015 Park City
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Alexander Skarsgard Picture Alexander Skarsgard Picture
2012 - 2012
Charlize Theron and Alexander Skarsgard were rumored to be dating in April 2012.
October 2009 - July 2011
Kate and Alexander have been spotted out together since Fall 2009, and finally confirmed their relationship in 2010...
2009 - 2009
Skarsgard and Miko -- a Polish model and actress -- were seen around New York society events, including attending the...

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