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Bruce Springsteen Obama Honors 21 Americans With Presidential Medal of Freedom
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Bruce Springsteen Hillary Clinton Campaigns Across US One Day Ahead Of Presidential Election
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Bruce Springsteen 10th Annual Stand Up for Heroes - Show
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Bruce Springsteen Cancels North Carolina Show in Act of Solidarity with LGBT Citizens

By Cecily Trowbridge on
The state's recently passed HB2 law 'attacks the rights of LGBT citizens,' he said.Read Full Story

'Rolling Stone' Says U2 and Bruce Springsteen Dropped the Year's Best Music

By JJ Duncan on
Is the aging music giant really so out of touch?Read Full Story

Kanye West's Celebrity Defenders and Admirers

By Alicia Dennis on
(Instagram) It's not always easy being a Kanye West fan. Though he's responsible for some of the most groundbreaking music of the past several decades, the Chicago native is unfortunately becoming just as famous for his outlandish outbursts as he is for his beats. Ask the average pop culture enthusiast what West's most memorable accomplishment was in the past year and you'll most likely get an answer involving Kim Kardashian or leather jogging pants. Nevermind that album Yeezus, which landed...Read Full Story

Chris Christie Has Another Reason to Cry Over Bruce Springsteen Thanks to Jimmy Fallon

By Alicia Dennis on
Jimmy Fallon hit a real sweet spot on Tuesday night's episode of Late Night with his "Born to Run" parody of New Jersey governor Chris Christie's "bridgegate" scandal. Outfitted in a cutoff denim vest, bandana, and a ridiculous wig, Fallon sang about shutting down the "tollbooths of glory" before he was joined by the real deal. The Boss."Let me wrap my legs 'round your mighty ribs and relieve your stressful condition," Springsteen sang, adding that he Chris Christie's "little Jersey traffic...Read Full Story

The Most Bitchin' Sax Solos in Music History

By Adam Wenger on
The late, great saxophonist Clarence Clemons and Bruce Springsteen. (Getty Images)If political success was based primarily on one's ability to play a mean sax solo, Kenny G would have been our 42nd president, not Bill Clinton. Alas, there's apparently more to running the United States than just musical abilities (which is probably a good thing). Speaking of good things, here's a list of the most amazing sax solos in music history. Yeah, we digressed a bit. Deal with it. M83 - "Midnight City...Read Full Story
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