Coachella: Day One [Pictures]

With four to five bands playing at any given time, all you do is accept the fact that you can’t see everything and just pick your knee-jerk favorite acts and go. It’s helpful, if you don’t know a group, to pull up a couple YouTube videos of them so you can make a more informed plan.

It also helps if your pals with the show’s organizers and they can give you guidance (not to mention all access passes).

Here are some pictures and videos from day one. The overall mood of the festival on Friday is overwhelmingly anticipatory. Prince is in town and rumors are flying around that He’s getting the Revolution back together.

The above picture is of The Do Lab, some artist collective from LA. They have DJs and give away water. I was told by one of the performers they this is where they relegated the "Hippies."

This is Les Savy Fav. This dude was wearing a clear trash bag and what appear to be coaches shorts. He was very sweaty.

I caught this family watching Les Savy Fav. I don't think the kid liked them very much.

They also have "user-generated" music installations where everyone can make music. It was pretty horrible.

This is the singer / guitar player from The Black Kids. They weren't all back. There's also a band playing on the same stage later tonight called The Black Lips. The Black Kids had a very Ziggy Stardust meets The Cure sort of sound. They had a song called "Look at Me When I Rock at You."

The sophisticated system by which they keep the show running: A whiteboard. Buy hey, it works.

Vampire Weekend was one of the day's highlights. They're from Columbia (the college) and had a sort of Devo sound. They rule.

This is Porter, one of the early bands to play Friday afternoon. They're from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and they are awesome. You can check out some of there stuff here.

These metal robot balls were are an art installation called "The Swarm" and they creeped me out. They're supposedly self-aware and I'm pretty certain they'll be responsible for mowing down at least a couple hundred festival goers.

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