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Ed Helms 2019 Sundance Film Festival - 'Corporate Animals' Premiere
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Ed Helms The Vulture Spot At Sundance - DAY 4
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Ed Helms 2019 Sundance Film Festival - Cinema Cafe 4
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Jenny Slate , Kyle Buchanan 

All 'The Office' Alums Who Want A Reboot

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Now that John Krasinski is in, a revival feels inevitable.Read Full Story

Will Forte's Terrible Beard Steals the Show in Mumford & Sons' New 'Hopeless Wanderer' Video

By Alicia Dennis on
Mumford & Sons' new music video for "Hopeless Wanderer" is filled with familiar images we've come to associate with the band — facial hair, old-timey vests, really anguished banjo strumming — but with one crucial plot twist that makes it absolutely perfect: The band members are played by Jason Bateman, Will Forte, Jason Sudeikis and Ed Helms.Yes: Mumford & Sons is apparently aware of how ridiculously earnest their schtick is, and they're more than willing to poke fun at it. And it is EXCELLENT.Read Full Story

Zimbio Review - 'The Hangover Part III,' This Time the Hangover is Ours

By Joe Robberson on
(Warner Brothers) The Bottom Line Should you see it? No. Why? It ruins Alan and Chow, the best things about the first film, by over-exposing them. It's unoriginal, boring, and predictable. There's no hangover in The Hangover 3. Instead, the result is more of a Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back-type spinoff. Co-writer/director Todd Phillips gives us too much of a good thing, allowing Zach Galifianakis and Ken Jeong to run wild while the rest of the cast sits back on auto-pilot and...Read Full Story

'The Office' Finale: Did the Dunder Mifflin Crew Get the Send-Off They Deserved?

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(NBC)TV fans bid adieu to The Office last night with an emotional retrospective and a one-hour series finale that brought back some old faces and gave closure to all the Dunder Mifflin misfits we've come to know and love over the past nine seasons. Dwight and Angela finally got hitched, Jim and Pam were happy again and are on their way to Austin, Stanley was enjoying retirement in Florida, Erin found her birth parents, Andy became a viral video sensation, Ryan and Kelly ran away together (and...Read Full Story

Watch: The New Red-Band Trailer & Featurette for the 'The Hangover Part III'

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Just so you know, The Hangover III will be making it's way to theaters Friday, May 24th. If you haven't yet decided whether or not it's worth your $10.50, you're in luck. The studio has just released an official red-band trailer and a featurette that goes behind-the-scenes of what will surely be an epic finale with the famed wolfpack. Watch the videos below, then let us know if you think The Hangover III will earn your dollars. Check out the new red-band trailer for the film: Now, watch the...Read Full Story