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Jane Lynch Jane Lynch Lunches at King's Road Cafe
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Jane Lynch 'Glee' Celebrates 100 Episodes
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Jane Lynch 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards - Show
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May 2010 - Present
Glee actress Jane Lynch married Lara Embry in May 2010. The couple traveled to Massachusetts to say their vows...

Jessica Simpson Clearly Had a Very Interesting Weekend

By Lani Conway on
(Instagram)A few buzzworthy tidbits from around the web to distract you from your work day.When Jessica Simpson parties with the ladies, things get kind of crazy. JSimp and her gal pals had a girls' night in Los Angeles on Sunday. It was filled with Hollywood glitz, glamor, and a whole lotta BFF love. Yes, Beyoncé is THE boss of bossy.Queen Bey, Jennifer Garner, and Jane Lynch teamed up with other famous faces for "Ban Bossy," a campaign that brings attention to the idea that calling a woman...Read Full Story

'Glee' Recap: Oh Holy Night!

By Tara Gelsomino on
Those looks kinda say it all. (FOX)This week on Glee, they pretend they filmed this Christmas episode in 2012 with a special introduction from Jane Lynch saying Fox deemed it to hot to air last year. There’s references to “Principal” Figgins, and Beiste is there, and Kurt and Blaine are broken up… but Sam has the same crap hair he has now! Ah ha! And let’s face it, if they’d really filmed this in 2012, they wouldn’t have waited a year to release the soundtrack and make extra bucks. YOU CAN’T...Read Full Story

'Glee' Recap: What Does the Gleek Say?

By Tara Gelsomino on
Puppets: Creepier than clowns? Discuss. (FOX)This week on Glee, puppets. And gas leak hallucinations. AND OMG! Brad talks. A LOT. It might be an even messier hot mess than usual. (I guess they figured everyone would be in a tryptophan coma by now anyway.) Felt Up! What now? Blaine tries to boss the Glee club around to everyone’s dislike, and rants to Kurt who tells him he’s being a puppet master. CUE THE PUPPETS. He has multiple fantasy sequences of all the other Glee kids as puppets giving...Read Full Story

'Glee' Recap: Let's Twerk It Out!

By Tara Gelsomino on
Mr. Schue busts a groove like only a man in a poly-blend suit vest can! (FOX)If it’s good enough for Hannah Montana to create a scandal with three months ago, it’s just passé enough for Glee! In this unusually cohesive and music-light episode, the gang in Ohio court controversy by booty-popping all over McKinley’s Halls, while Rachel and Kurt decide to rebel in their own small ways in the Big Apple.Sue v. Schue, Round 267What now? After Blaine’s caught twerking and the video goes viral, Mr...Read Full Story

'Glee' Recap: Saying Goodbye To Finn Hudson

By Jessica MacLeish and Linds... on
(FOX)Hi, Gleek fans: Lindsay here, pinch-hitting for what what could possibly be the hardest episode of television to get through this year (save for Dads). Cory Monteith's untimely death of an overdose this past July (he was 31) left a giant, gaping hole in Glee, and there was much talk over how co-creator Ryan Murphy and crew (especially his on- and off-screen girlfriend, Lea Michele) would address it. Well, it's sad. And, like Glee at its best (and worst), full of song. Opening three weeks...Read Full Story
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