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Martin Scorsese Mavericks Conversation With "The 50 Year Argument"  With Director Martin Scorsese - 2014 Toronto International Film Festival
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David Tedeschi, Thom Powers 
Martin Scorsese "Revenge Of The Green Dragons" Premiere - 2014 Toronto International Film Festival
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Martin Scorsese 'Don Rickles: One Night Only' Show
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1999 - Present
Martin Scorcese and Helen Morris were married in 1999 and they have a daughter together named Francesca.
1985 - 1991
Martin Scorcese and Barbara De Fina were married for six years and in that time Barbara produced his 1990 film...
1979 - 1982
Actress Isabella Rossellini was married to director Martin Scorsese for a few years, but the relationship ended in...

Mike Tyson Hypes Scorsese Biopic with Amazing Video

By Joe Robberson on
Jamie Foxx will play Kid Dynamite, but nothing can touch the real thing.Read Full Story

The Best Quotes from the Drunken Bacchanal That Was Last Night's National Board of Review Gala

By JJ Duncan on
From left: Meryl Streep, Rob Reiner, Leonardo DiCaprio with Martin Scorsese. (Getty Images)Okay, so "drunken bacchanal" might be a little hyperbolic, but thanks (at least in part) to the time-honored social lubrication of alcohol the quotes we've seen so far today from last night's National Board of Review gala in New York make the Golden Globes look like the Oscars.The highlight of the night was undoubtedly Meryl Streep, who stole the show with her 10-minute introduction to Best Actress...Read Full Story

Oscar Leaderboard: Could Bad Press Shut Out 'Wolf of Wall Street'?

By JJ Duncan on
(Paramount)The most controversial movie of the year is turning out to be The Wolf of Wall Street. Most critics agree it's good, maybe even great, but its overwhelming misogyny, and seeming glorification of the very behaviors it aims to condemn, have made it a lightning rod. All that bad press is threatening to hurt the film's awards odds since Oscar voters could prove particularly sensitive to the prospect of tacitly endorsing Wall Street shenanigans in a post-Occupy world. See how the...Read Full Story

3 Things That Completely Undermine 'The Wolf of Wall Street'

By JJ Duncan on
Left: Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street. Right: Jordan Belfort at the red carpet premiere of The Wolf of Wall Street. (Paramount | Getty)Martin Scorsese tries to have it both ways with The Wolf of Wall Street. It's a movie that both glorifies and condemns its subject: Jordan Belfort, a real-life stock broker who led a band of young wannabes on a drug-fueled raid of the richest one percent in the mid-'90s. After Scorsese gives the audience more than two hours of...Read Full Story

The 13 Craziest Things in the New 'Wolf of Wall Street' Trailer

By JJ Duncan on
The Wolf of Wall Street promises to be one of the year's craziest movies, and the latest trailer for Martin Scorsese's adaptation of Jordan Belfort's nearly unbelievable story of Wall Street excess certainly checks the box on crazy. Watch the trailer below and then run down the list of some of our favorite moments from the new clip.1. Jonah Hill's teeth. 2. This shirtless drum major. 3. And his partner, the sexy majorette. 4. And their friends, the lingerie models. 5. Leonardo DiCaprio with...Read Full Story
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