Ruth Wakefield: Inventor of the Chocolate Chip Cookie

Ruth Wakefield invented the chocolate chip cookie in the 1930s, and, especially this time of year, we are sure glad she did. The woman and her husband bought a tourist house, called a toll house, in 1930 outside of Boston. Visitors would stop there, change their horses, and eat.

Ruth Wakefield (Photo Bucket)
Ruth quickly became known for the desserts she baked at their lodge, The Toll House, and, voila!, the chocolate chip cookie was a keeper. John F. Kennedy is even said to have gone there for some grub.

Ruth died in 1977, but now you know who to thank each time you sink your teeth into a delicious, gooey, chocolate chip cookie. They've been around quite a while now, and are still as popular, and tasty, as ever.
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