Dance of the Dead Fans Accuse Lady Gaga of Song Snatching for 'Do What U Want' — Listen to the Similarities

(FameFlynet Pictures)Yesterday, Lady Gaga's Little Monsters rejoiced with the release of "Do What U Want," the singer's infectious collaboration with R. Kelly. The song hit the top of the iTunes charts in more than 60 countries (it's pretty great), but failed to impress fans of electro-duo Dance With the Dead. See, the synth line and beat sounded a lot like the one featured on their song "The Deep," which was released last spring.

Here's Dance With the Dead's song:

And here's Gaga's:

Pretty similar, right? Well, not similar enough for Dance of the Dead to worry about it.

"Hey we were a little confused finding a ton of emails this morning asking if we had collaborated with Lady Gaga and asking if she sampled our song *The Deep* in her new single 'Do what you want,'" reads a statement on the duo's Facebook page. "Truth is we heard nothing about it. We've listened Gaga's song, and it is definitely not a sample or a copy of The Deep, and we think the songs don't sound alike in any way (go listen and you guys decide) Anyways, our record comes out in 10 days. Get excited :)"

Huh. Really? They don't sound alike?

Obviously, the dudes in Dance With the Dead know this publicity isn't going to hurt them in the least. Carry on, everyone.
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