UFO Over China Airport: Pictures

This UFO over China disrupted air travel Wednesday night. (From chinadaily.com)

Are little green men disrupting air travel? A UFO over China airport Hangzhou airport delayed and diverted flights for about an hour Wednesday as more than 2,000 passengers were affected by the unidentified craft, according to chinadaily.com.

The UFO over China (From chinadaily.com)
On Wednesday evening, twinkling lights spotted near the airport caused air traffic controllers to scramble to move air traffic to other locations. The lights were visible to many in the area, but speculation as to the culprit has focused on (mostly) earthly culprits. China Daily News says an unnamed source close to the happening claims the aircraft was tied to military use.

Others believe it may have been a private craft, and want whoever was responsible for its disruptive flight held responsible for revenues lost by airlines.

A picture of the UFO over China was published on chinadaily.com that clearly shows an object with red running lights and light that seems to emanate from the bottom of the craft. The light could be attributable to a phenomenon where high-flying craft are still being doused in daylight over an otherwise dark area about an hour after sunset.

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