Reasons for High White Blood Count

By Livingly Staff on
There are many possible reasons why a person might have a high white blood count. Here are a few of the most common reasons:Possible Reasons for High White Blood Count:The person may have an infection, and the body is forming white blood cells to help fight it offThe person may be taking antibiotics or anti-seizure drugsThe person may have leukemiaThe person may be recovering from a burnThe person may have a bone marrow diseaseThe person may have recently suffered from a dramatic physical...Read Full Story

Red Cross Gives Gas for Blood

By Tatiana Guertin on
As gas prices rise and people become more and more desperate for a full tank, the American Red Cross has offered an answer. Give blood, get gas. Well, it doesn't exactly work like that, at least not yet.If you are desperate for gas and willing to have a large needle inserted into your arm, which will drain the fluid that provides you with life, then you should definitely read on.Local branches of the American Red Cross, all over the nation, are offering free gas cards in exchange for blood...Read Full Story