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Will Ferrell Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Get Hard' - Red Carpet
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Will Ferrell Will Ferrell Gets a Star on the Walk of Fame
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Will Ferrell Will Ferrell Honored On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
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Will Ferrell Picture Will Ferrell Picture Will Ferrell Picture
August 2000 - Present
Will Ferrell married Swedish actress Viveca Paulin in 2000 after five years of dating. They have three sons together...

Watch an Epic Round of 'Celebrity Jeopardy' on 'SNL' 40

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Will Ferrell Was the Real Super Bowl MVP

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Sorry, Katy Perry's dancing sharks. Read Full Story

Will Ferrell Hit a Cheerleader in the Head with a Basketball

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Zac Efron Really Looks Like Jared Leto When Dressed Up Like a Girl

By Lani Conway on
(Instagram | Getty) A few buzzworthy tidbits from around the web to distract you from your work day.Zac Efron dressed in drag for The Tonight Show. Here is the hilarious reason why: Olivia Wilde played a delightful game with Billy Eichner. The new mom/actress stopped by Billy on the Street for a round of "John Mayer or Pepé Le Pew?" It's now safe to say that John Mayer lyrics are as cheesy as quotes from the impassioned cartoon skunk. Will Ferrell wore a tiara to prom because Will Ferrell...Read Full Story

RHCP's Chad Smith Wants Will Ferrell to Quit Impersonating Him

By Alicia Diaz Dennis on
(Getty Images)There were a number of golden nuggets that emerged from Will Ferrell's "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit earlier this week, but only one of them is likely to have lasting consequences. Asked about the physical similarities between himself and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, Ferrell dropped a huge revelation. "It has been acknowledged many times that myself and Chad Smith, drummer for the Red Hot Chili Pepers, share a resemblance to each other," Ferrell wrote. "A lot...Read Full Story

Meet Your New Favorite Celebrity Hybrids

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Zimbio Review - Uneven 'Anchorman 2' Just Doesn't Have the Magic

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(Paramount)Long story short: It has its moments, but Anchorman 2 is a pale version of the original.Anchorman 2 will remind you of: Wayne's World 2, Ace Ventura 2, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Major League 2 Review: Something is off about Anchorman 2. It's an old-school kind of sequel resurrected from 1994. Wayne's World 2, Major League 2, and Ace Ventura 2 were all disappointing pseudo-versions of their classic originals. Anchorman 2 isn't quite as bad as those but it suffers from...Read Full Story
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