About Michael David Shulman
Personal Info
Michael David Shulman  (Male)
Born on 28-Apr-73
Lives in Las Vegas ,  America
Who am I
I fell ass-backwards into my loves of writing, photography and music. Prior to launching ShulmanSays.com in September 2009, I worked in various capacities (writer, photographer, consultant, editor, DJ, what-have-you) for many of the world’s best known publications, including Vanity Fair, Ocean Drive, PAPER, Condé Nast Traveler, W, BlackBook, US Weekly, BPM, CardPlayer, Los Angeles Confidential, and VEGAS – the last being home to my wildly popular “Diva Las Vegas” column (a name bestowed upon me
What I'm Reading
Drafts of my first books I am writing: a (mostly) fictitious biography, entitled "Fabulous by Association" and a (mostly) true memoir, entitled "Diva Las Vegas: My Life as a Professional Name-Dropper"
An Interesting Fact
I have drinks named after me. Amy Sacco’s ultra-chic BUNGALOW 8 in London is home to “The Shulman Giggle” (made from a chilled double shot of Grey Goose™ Vodka L’Orange with two sugared limes), and its sister property BUNGALOW 8 in New York features “The New and Improved Shulman Giggle” (made from a very chilled shot of Patrón™ Silver Tequila served straight-up with a salted lime), while the venerable LOTUS claimed “The Shulman Fizz” (made from Campari™, fresh orange juice and a splash of soda)