About Tara Adams
Personal Info
Tara Adams  (Female)
Lives in Los Alamos ,  USA
Who am I
When I was much younger, I had a promising future ahead of me saving the world through my commitment to unwavering goodness. After that didn't work out, it seemed like I might at least be a really good writer. Actually, it turned out I am really gifted in biology, by which I mean conceiving and bearing children. I am also pretty good at baking.
What I'm Reading
I really like Annie Dillard
David Sedaris and classic children's books. I am re-reading Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series because I have already forgotten most of it. That's a benefit to aging.
Subjects I'd Like to Learn More About
I am interested in things that intelligent people might be interested in but not really intelligent people. So definitely not Physics. Or Calculus. I like ducks cats and other animals which you only really like if you are unusually astute.
An Interesting Fact
A duck's penis is shaped like a cork-screw. Also, there are nematodes that live in your eyebrows.