About Jeffrey Hunter
Personal Info
Jeffrey Hunter  (Male)
Born on 6-Dec-54
Lives in Rosarito ,  Mexico
Who am I
Jeffrey Hunter has been involved with retailing and designing neckties since 1996. He started selling ties to Los Angeles and Orange County car salesmen out of the trunk of 1966 Lincoln Continental. Several kiosks in Orange County at Newport Fashion Island and the Irvine Spectrum called Too Sexie Ties proved successfully but too much work. From the summer 2001 he has built web sites that offer collector ties like Spiderman, Disney and really wild ties on line. He is now designing ties that riva
An Interesting Fact
I adopted a Greyhound Race Dog re-named Maximillion from the Cliente Race Track in Tijuana Mexico. My home is 3000 feet south of the USA on the beach where Max and I often take nice walks