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Chelsy Davy Baar and Bass Launch Party
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Chelsy Davy Melissa Percy's Wedding — Part 3
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Chelsy Davy The Wedding Of Melissa Percy & Thomas Van Straubenzee
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Chelsy Davy Picture Chelsy Davy Picture Chelsy Davy Picture
January 2011 - June 2011
Prince Harry and on-again, off-again girlfriend Chelsy Davy were said to have gotten back together in early 2011...
2004 - June 2010
Prince Harry has been in an on-again, off-again relationship with Chelsy Davy since 2004. The couple decided to end...
Who's the best girlfriend for Prince Harry?
Submitted to Chelsy Davy
Pippa Middleton
Should Chelsy Davy split with Prince Harry?
Submitted to Chelsy Davy
Yes, ditch him, he's stale
Should Prince Harry continue to date Chelsy Davy?
Submitted to Chelsy Davy
No, he can do a lot better
Who's the hottest royal girlfriend / wife?
Submitted to Chelsy Davy
Kate Middleton

Chelsy Davy Leaves a Club in London

By Alicia Diaz Dennis on
It's rough shakes dating a royal: Even after you break up, you still have to deal with the paparazzi.Zimbabwe native Chelsy Davy knows this all too well, as she remains a subject of fascination for her on-and-off relationship with Prince Harry, arguably one of the most eligible bachelors on the planet.Davy was trailed by photographers as she exited London's celeb-friendly Embassy club with a mystery male (who, it should be noted, was nowhere near as handsome as her famous ex). Thankfully, she...Read Full Story

Chelsy Davy Leaves Club Boujis in London with a Mystery Man

By Alicia Diaz Dennis on
Prince Harry's ex Chelsy Davy seems to have moved on. The Zimbabwe-born blond was photographed leaving London's posh Club Boujis in the early hours of Friday morning in the company of a handsome mystery man.It's unlikely that Davy and Prince Harry will reconnect anytime soon, as he's set for helicopter training in Arizona in the coming months. He recently split from his rumored girlfriend Florence Brudenell-Bruce, a lingerie model who went to the same school as Chelsy.See more Chelsy Davy...Read Full Story

Chelsy Davy Wiki Updates

By Livingly Staff on
(Sketches courtesy of Alberta Ferretti, photo by Bauer Griffin) If you're not an obsessive royal follower, you might not know who Chelsy Davy is. But let us tell you there's a high chance she'll be the next woman to enter the royal family. Chelsy is Prince Harry's Zimbabwe-born, on-again, off-again girlfriend. They've been dating since 2004 and she's accompanying the dashing prince to the royal wedding. During the royal wedding last week, interest in Chelsy Davy spiked.  People were...Read Full Story

Chelsy Davy and Her Alberta Ferreti Dress

By Livingly Staff on
Chelsy Davy looked stunning at the royal wedding in an Alberta Ferreti skirt and slim jacket in a gorgeous sea blue hue. The on-again, off-again girlfriend of Prince Henry arrived at Westminster Abbey at 9am for the big day, and is expected to accompany her man to the post-wedding festivities -- since he was busy taking part in the ceremony as best man.Davy looked beautiful in her wedding outfit, and she definitely wasn't the only one. Well-dressed guests filled the church and the bride, of...Read Full Story

Chelsy Davy and Pippa Middleton

By Livingly Staff on
Prince Harry’s girlfriend Chelsy Davy was one of the first to arrive at the royal wedding.  She was seen wearing an light blue dress and white hat. Her dress was designed by Alberta Ferreti.Socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and singer Joss Stone were also early to Westminster Abbey. Crowds of fans line every streetleading to the Abbey.  Chelsy's fashionable outfit wasn't enough to hold the spotlight for long - not today of all days.  Fans quickly fell in love with Kate Middleton's little sister...Read Full Story

Chelsy Davy's Childhood

Born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, to a wealthy family, Davy was educated at Girls College Bulawayo, Cheltenham College, Stowe School and the University of Cape Town, from which she graduated in November 2006 with a degree in Economics. Davy, who wanted to be a model growing up, is known for frequent reports of her driving around in her silver Mercedes-Benz, partying at clubs, and shopping. She graduated from the University of Cape Town but has decided not to take up a place she won at the University of Bristol. She is travelling the world with her friends and her brother Shaun. She spent much of February 2007 travelling the U.S. and was present at Super Bowl XLI in Miami. In September 2007, Davy flew to England to take up a law post-graduate course at the University of Leeds.

Chelsy Davy's Relationship with Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Davy were first photographed together in November 2004 on an Argentinian polo ranch, although their relationship is said to have started in the first half of that year. In his 21st birthday interview, Prince Harry said "I would love to tell everyone how amazing she is but once I start talking about that, I have left myself open".Harry's elder brother, Prince William, was supposedly tricked into telling a downtown tabloid journalist that Harry and Davy are "very much in love" on a skiing holiday in 2005. Incidentally, this was the same holiday on which Harry was first accused of cheating.

When Davy visited Prince Harry in April 2006 to attend his passing out ball at Sandhurst Military Academy, she was met at London Heathrow Airport by four armed guards who escorted her through the airport.

As Harry lives in the UK and Davy in South Africa, the two have been able to see each other only occasionally. Chelsy will be moving to the UK to attend university.

Davy is most often mentioned in the British press as being angry at Harry for his various antics. In April 2006, she supposedly became upset at reports of his going to a strip club. In June 2006, Harry was spotted with Natalie Pinkham, an old flame. As Pinkham was leaving a friend's apartment building after a late night, she called out to Harry for him to give her a kiss. He told her he couldn't kiss her outside and she returned into the building, leading to speculation that the two kissed there. The pair were thought to be unaware of the hiding photographers outside.

Nevertheless, the couple attended the Concert for Diana together on 1 July 2007, and on 16 July Davy turned out to watch Harry play polo. In August, it was rumored that Harry had proposed to Chelsy, but no official engagement has been announced.

On 10 November 2007, a published report stated that Davy and Prince Harry had broken off their three year relationship. Davy was reported to have lost patience with his playboy lifestyle and lack of commitment to her.

Source: Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chelsy_Davy

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