Richard Sandrak Transitioning Into Normal Life After Living as Child Hercules

Richard Sandrak was used to being treated like a king when he was a totally ripped 6-year-old who made headlines by bench pressing 210 pounds, but things have died down for the so-called "Little Hercules" as he's entered his late teens. Sandrak is in the spotlight less often now, and he's looking for ways to leverage his past notoriety into a career in acting.

Richard Sandrak (From
In a BBC interview that aired in February, Sandrak told Mark Dolan that people aren't as fascinated with his super-muscular body now that he's older. He also revealed that his father was controlling and abusive, and was thrown in jail for beating Richard's mother. But Richard maintains that his father didn't push him into body building. In a 2007 interview with the Guardian , Sandrak acknowledged that his father had him sleep on the floor to perfect his posture, and encouraged him to train long hours, but he doesn't think the body building was abusive.

"I've never been forced to train or do anything against my will," he said. "My parents used to train all the time and I wanted to join in. It was mostly my choice. It's just what I grew up doing. I was never forced. It was never an issue."

Sandrak still works with long-time trainer Frank Giardina, and though the details of his family life are still murky, he says he has cut contact from his father and now lives with his mother, Lena.

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