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Sarah Burge AKA Human Barbie Gives 7-Year-Old Liposuction Voucher

By Darrick Thomas on
If you get outraged by clips of the insane stage moms and their sexualized 4-year-olds on TLC's Toddlers & Tiaras, you may want to stop reading because a woman in the UK has made those delusional mothers look like mothers of the year nominees. Sarah Burge, who likes to go by the "Human Barbie," is no stranger to plastic surgery, and her affinity for going under the knife is finding its way into her parenting. This Christmas, Burge gave her 7-year-old daughter Poppy a £7,000 voucher for...Read Full Story

Sarah Burge, Plastic Surgery Maven, Promises Boob Job for Daughter's 7th Birthday

By Alicia Dennis on
(FlyNet Pictures) Plastic surgery is no big thing to Sarah Burge.In fact, Burge's love of the knife is what garnered her a modest amount of Internet Infamy; She once made headlines for spending more than £100,000 on cosmetic procedures in her quest to look like a "human Barbie."Now Burge is planning to spread the silicone love, so to speak. Her daughter Poppy recently turned 7, and to celebrate, Burge gifted her with a voucher for a breast augmentation. Then she decided to tell the...Read Full Story
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