World of Warcraft 'Pandaria' Videos Have Fans Worried

By JJ Duncan on
World of Warcraft: The Mists of Pandaria has a lot of faithful WoW gamers angry that their beloved sword-and-sorcery MMORPG is launching a new race, class and continent that all look like they were hi-jacked from the Kung-Fu Panda movies. The first videos of the cuddly new fighters have been making it to YouTube from Blizzcon 2011, which was held in Anaheim, CA, over the weekend. The videos reveal the new Panda race on a serene island continent called Panderia (which is all contained on...Read Full Story

World of Warcraft Deathwing Model Pictures

By Jake on
Oh boy. Today is an exciting day, as the World of Warcraft Deathwing Model pictures have been (probably) leaked. While we can't entirely vouchsafe for the authenticity of these pics, we can say they look totally awesome. The deathwing looks to be somesort of massive dragon. We're not looking forward to fighting it, that's for sure. Best of luck to adventurers brave enough to take this thing on! Pictures of the deathwing below:Also on Zimbio: The 15 Hottest Celebrity Geek Girls Proving the...Read Full Story

Celestial Steed Available on 'World of Warcraft' for $25

By JJ Duncan on
The people at Blizzard continued to innovate new ways to make money off dedicated gamers with the newly-released Celestial Steed, which is now available in the World of Warcraft Pet Store for $25. The Steed is an impressive mount that scales with the level and ability of the player. The Celestial Steed is described in the game's Pet Store as being "born from the Twisting Nether," and capable of 310% speed if the player has at least one other 310% speed mount. The Steed is a break from the...Read Full Story

WOW reaches 8 million gamers.... WOW!

By Livingly Staff on
Blizzard Entertainment announced today that World of Warcraft is now played by more than 8 million gamers around the world. That is a LOT of gamers! World of Warcraft has more than 2 million players in North America, more than 1.5 million players in Europe, and more than 3.5 million players in China.Read Full Story