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Carol Browner Chu, Browner, Attend New Millennium Nuclear Energy Summit
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Carol Browner The Interior Department Holds Forum On Natural Gas Hydro-Fracking
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Carol Browner Coast Guard Commander Allen And NOAA Admin. Join Gibbs For Daily Briefing
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Carol Browner -- Obama's new "climate czar"

By Jake on
Carol Browner, Obama's new "climate czar." Carol Browner will serve as Obama's "climate czar," but it's still unknown what exactly that will mean.The experienced bureaucrat has spent plenty of time within the halls of power, but with the position of climate czar so recently created, how much power will Browner really have?PlentyMag.com asked that question: That begs the question: What would a climate czar actually do? Browner’s precise job description isn't yet clear, but it’s likely that...Read Full Story