Do you think Cindy McCain is seeing another man?
Submitted to Carol McCain
Yes. The picture is evidence.
Which of John McCain's wives do you like best?
Submitted to Carol McCain
Carol McCain, his first wife
Will the Carol McCain dovorce hurt John McCain in the presidential election?
Submitted to Carol McCain
No, it is old news and no one cares anymore
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Remember Carol McCain?

By Livingly Staff on
From the NYT eight years ago:Mr. McCain has acknowledged running around with women and accepted responsibility for the breakup of the marriage, without going into details. But his supporters and his biographer, Robert Timberg, all suggest that the marriage had already effectively ended and that the couple had separated by the time he met Cindy, his present wife.That might be the most soothing way of explaining a politician's divorce from a disabled wife and his remarriage to a wealthy heiress...Read Full Story
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