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Jimmy Kimmel American Cinematheque Award Show
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Jimmy Kimmel Arrivals at the American Cinematheque Award — Part 2
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Jimmy Kimmel Ice Cube Heads to 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'
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October 2009 - Present
After his long-term relationship with comedian Sarah Silverman ended, Jimmy Kimmel began dating Molly McNearney, a...
2002 - March 2009
Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel started dating in 2002, but in 2008 they split briefly, only to rekindle months...

The 'Thelma & Louise' Selfie Gets an Update

By Joey Skladany on
With the help of Jimmy Kimmel, of course. Read Full Story

Is This the Best 2014 Oscars Photobomb Ever?

By Lani Conway on
(Getty) A few buzzworthy tidbits from around the web to distract you from your work day.Jared Leto had way too much fun at the 2014 Academy Awards. If we were celebrating our very first Oscar win, we would probably be having this much fun, too. Jimmy Kimmel turned YouTube memes into Hollywood movie trailers. The late night host might have fallen a bit flat during his Oscars pre-show bit, but luckily he redeemed himself with this sketch. The clip features Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Catherine Zeta...Read Full Story

Jimmy Kimmel Provides Costume Inspiration for Pun Lovers & Pop Culture Addicts

By Darrick Thomas on
Halloween may have come and gone, but there's still the weekend, and there's always next year to come up with a costume that impresses everyone at your party. If you're looking for ideas that are both pop culturally relevant AND creative, the Jimmy Kimmel's 8th annual Half & Half Halloween Costume Pageant should get the juices flowing.Read Full Story

WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Fans with Fake Rap Names

By Lani Conway on
(YouTube)When Jimmy Kimmel isn't apologizing to celebs for the jokes he makes about them, he's making jokers out of everyday fans. For a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the late night host sent a camera crew to the Rock the Bells concert to ask them questions about performers that simply do not exist. Miraculously, all the fans questioned in the video had some familiarity with DJs and rappers mentioned like Voldermort, WD-40, DJ Rosh Hashanah, and even Walter White ft. Meth. Clearly, these guys...Read Full Story

What to Expect From Kanye West's Appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

By Alicia Diaz Dennis on
(PacificCoastNews | Bauer Griffin)When Kanye West launched a Twitter attack against late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel a few weeks ago, his insults (which included a picture of the cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants with the caption "JIMMY KIMMEL FACE MOTHERF**KER") seemed too ridiculous to be anything but an elaborate joke. Kimmel, who has made carefully constructed hoaxes his thing, assured audiences that West's rage was the real deal.Now, ABC reveals, West is due to make an appearance...Read Full Story
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