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Jodelle Ferland  SiriusXM's Entertainment Weekly Radio Channel Broadcasts From Comic-Con 2016 - Day 1
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Jodelle Ferland  Entertainment Weekly Hosts its Annual Comic-Con Party at FLOAT at the Hard Rock Hotel
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Jodelle Ferland  The Nintendo Lounge on the TV Guide Magazine Yacht - Day 2 - Comic-Con International 2015
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Jodelle Ferland: Bree in 'Eclipse' (Pictures and Video)

By Deena Bustillo on
Jodelle Ferland is 16 and already has an impressive acting resume -- which includes the role of Bree Tanner in Eclipse! This year, she has three more movies in the works!Getting back to Twilight, Jodelle played a vampire created by Victoria to join her newborn army in order to fight the Cullen family. However, she didn't last long: Because she didn't know vampire laws and how to control herself, she was executed by Felix of the Volturi on Jane's orders.Bree had been on the run when Victoria...Read Full Story

Bree Tanner Could Score Spin-Off 'Twilight' Movie

By Lauren Gerber on
Jodelle Ferland, who plays vampire Bree Tanner in the Twilight series, might be getting her own franchise of mega-successful movies once the current series wraps up. According to an insider: "It goes without saying Summit want to continue this franchise… Tanner is the one they're looking at post-Breaking Dawn," the email read. It's too early to talk casting, and everything we're hearing is just speculation or off a wish list, but I don't believe they plan on using the original actress...Read Full Story

Jodelle Ferland Cast as 'Katniss' in The Hunger Games

By Livingly Staff on
Actress Jodelle Ferland's career is on the up and up.  First, she rocked the red carpet for the Twilight film 'Eclipse'.  Ferland plays a vampire in the uber-successful teen franchise.  Now, rumor has it that Ferland has been selected to play the lead role of 'Katniss' in the movie version of 'The Hunger Games'.  The Hunger Games has been a top selling teen fiction book on Amazon.com for months now.  The protagonist is 16-year-old Katniss.If you've read the book, chime in with comments.  Is...Read Full Story

Jodelle Ferland Cast as New Vampire in Upcoming 'Eclipse'

By Jake on
Showing just how serious Twilight producers are about riding that money train, casting news for the third film, Eclipse, is already leaking, despite the second film not even being released yet.Meet Jodelle Ferland, the 14-year-old actress who will play a new vampire in Eclipse.From an article at MTV.com: Fourteen-year-old actress Jodelle Ferland will become the newest vampire in "Eclipse," according to Variety. While there is much speculation about which character she will play — possibly...Read Full Story