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Paul Haggis 'Brilliant Is Beautiful' Gala - Red Carpet Arrivals
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Paul Haggis 'I, Tonya' New York Premiere - After Party
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Paul Haggis Star-Studded Beach Dinner With Master Chef Jose Andres to Celebrate the NEW Cove Resort on Paradise Island, The Bahamas
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Did the Church of Scientology 'Audition' Girlfriends for Tom Cruise?

By Jill Slattery on
Was being Tom Cruise's wife the greatest role of Katie Holmes' career?According to a new report in the October issue of Vanity Fair, the Church of Scientology was involved in a top secret project that involved "auditioning" actresses to be Tom Cruise' new girlfriend. The incidents reportedly happened in 2004 after Cruise's marriage to Nicole Kidman and relationship with Penelope Cruz ended.Actresses who were Scientologists were reportedly brought in under the guise of auditioning for training...Read Full Story

Paul Haggis, 'Million Dollar Baby' Director, Leaves (and Disses) Church of Scientology

By Olivia on
Paul Haggis was never as outspoken as Tom Cruise, but he had been a member of the Church of Scientology for 35 years before recently announcing his split from the religion. The Million Dollar Baby director chose not to bow out quietly, and instead wrote a scathing to the church's spokesman Tommy Davis, which has since become public. According to E! News, Haggis' letter blames three specific stances the church has taken as reasons for his departure. First, Proposition 8: Haggis says the...Read Full Story