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Stephen Moyer 2019 Winter TCA Tour - Day 2
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Stephen Moyer Claire Foy Accepts The #SeeHer Award At The 24th Annual Critics' Choice Awards
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Stephen Moyer The 24th Annual Critics' Choice Awards - Red Carpet
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Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin's Twins Were 'Touch and Go' After Birth

By Deena Bustillo on
FameFlynet PicturesAnna Paquin and her co-star husband Stephen Moyer welcomed twins Charlie and Poppy prematurely last year and they've just now opened up a bit about how the kids are doing now that they're one. "It's all so amazing and [they] had a tough start," Moyer explained at an event recently (via Us Weekly). "They were early and it was touch and go there for a while, and so anything is amazing. I was just saying they are spitting up their first solid food. It's fantastic."After...Read Full Story

'True Blood' Recap: Did He Really Just Die?

By Shaunna Murphy on
(Photo: HBO)So the main thing the True Blood folks want us to ponder after tonight’s insane finale, "Radioactive," is the fact that a hoard of Hepatitis V-infected vampires are approaching the restaurant formerly known as Merlotte’s Bar and Grill to murder everyone we know and love, but I’m pretty sure the fact on everyone’s mind is that they possibly killed off one of the show's most beloved characters with less fanfare than Terry Freaking Bellefleur.It’s a hard pill to swallow (made easier...Read Full Story

'True Blood' Recap: Everyone is Walking in the Sun

By Shaunna Murphy on
(Photo: HBO)What just happened? Did Sarah Newlin really just survive the vampire massacre of 2013? Did a man just lose his penis and bleed out on national TV? Did Terry Bellefleur just have his most endearing episode postmortem? Did Eric freaking die?All weirdness aside, True Blood proved with "Life Matters" that it is still capable of pulling off very pleasant surprises. Maybe the episode was so nice because it consisted of only two — yep, two — plotlines, so we didn't experience the...Read Full Story

‘True Blood’ Recap: Eric Northman is Dead Meat

By Shaunna Murphy on
(Photo: HBO)“Thank you, Jesus!” No, you haven’t accidentally wandered into a Real Housewives of New Jersey recap. “Thank you, Jesus” — as we learned tonight — is simply the appropriate thing to shout to the heavens after you stab an innocent woman in the brain with your stiletto. Unsurprisingly, things got that insane on tonight’s episode of True Blood, “Dead Meat.” Who is the dead meat, you ask? This time around, it’s the True Blood businesswoman who made the distribution deal with Governor...Read Full Story

'True Blood' Recap: Another Death Hits Bon Temps

By Shaunna Murphy on
(HBO)Well, it looks like Bill will be making a stop at the Bon Temps Bed Bath & Beyond before he continues down his warpath against the truly awful human race. Eric's "sister" Nora (Lucy Griffiths), who was very recently infected with the Hep V virus that is currently the humans' endgame in the battle against vamps, literally melted in her brother's arms on Bill's luxurious and surely expensive sheets, while the typically stone-cold viking cried bloody tears of unfathomable sadness on the...Read Full Story