Julie Pritchett: ANOTHER Teacher Sex Scandal

By John Newlin on
Julie Pritchett, 34, resigned from her teaching job when she learned that she was being investigated for sexual abuse after one of the student’s parents filed a complaint with local authorities, AP reports.  As it turns out, between February and April 2008, Pritchett was allegedly having sex with 6 to 8 Clay-Chalkville Middle School students. She’s charged with 2 counts of sodomy and one count of sexual abuse. Some of the students were apparently of consenting age so charges related to those...Read Full Story

Stephanie Ragusa Writes to Hogan's Son

By Tatiana Guertin on
It seems that even from behind prison walls Stephanie Ragusa , the Florida teacher accused of having sex with under aged students, can't resist the draw of an under aged boy in need.According to the Hillsborough County sheriff's office, the former teacher who has an addiction to young boys wrote a letter of support to Nick Boella , son of wrestler Hulk Hogan.Boella is serving an eight-month sentence for reckless driving, resulting in the serious injury of his best friend. It's been reported...Read Full Story

Another Florida Teacher Fired

By Tatiana Guertin on
As of late, Florida is not being presented as the best place to educate our nation's young minds. Between teachers having inappropriate relationships with kids, and teachers taking off all their clothes to do private charter fishing tours, we must ask the question, "Why can't these teachers just teach?"In Land 'O Lakes, Florida, yet another teacher was fired recently. But this time, it wasn't for some tawdry sex scandal. Nope, this teacher was fired for... Wizardry! Yes, wizardry.Jim Piculas...Read Full Story

Florida Teacher Arrested a Third Time

By Tatiana Guertin on
You'd think after being arrested twice for engaging in sexual encounters with under-aged teens, you'd have the sense to stop. Not Stephanie Ragusa . The Florida teacher was arrested a third time Monday after investigators saw her leaving the house of a 16-year-old student.This is the 29-year-old's third arrest, in six weeks. Authorities say she has continued to have sex with the teen victim since her initial March 13 and then second April 15 arrest. Ragusa is apparently very pleased with her...Read Full Story

The Latest Round-Up of Scandals: 3 in One Month

By John Newlin on
The question on everyone’s mind is: “Why are all these female Tampa, Fla. teachers having sex with teenage male students?” Perhaps you need to be a teacher in Florida to answer the question accurately. The question on every 17 year-old boy’s mind has to be, of course, “can we please move to Tampa?” The truth of the matter is likely that teachers who have sex with their much younger male students is a psychological issue involving power, a need for attention, mental instability and some other...Read Full Story
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