Carlos Sousa and other victims may have taunted Tatiana

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The tiger enclosure at the San Francisco Zoo has been declared a crime scene as investigators review clues that may indicate Tatiana was initially taunted by her victims or was aided in her escape. Clues include a bloody shoe inside the ensclosure, and pine cones and sticks that may have been thrown at the tiger. It's still speculation at this point. More details at The Telegraph.The father of Carlos Sousa refuses at this point to believe his son could have been involved in teasing or helping...Read Full Story

San Francisco mourns tiger attack

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"This is a tragic event for San Francisco," Fire Department spokesman Lt. Ken Smith said. "We pride ourselves in our zoo, and we pride ourselves in tourists coming and looking at our city."Read Full Story

Not the first incident with Tatiana the tiger

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Tatiana, the Siberian tiger who escaped on Christmas day in San Francisco and killed one zoo visitor, had a history of attacks.The Siberian tiger was the same giant cat that attacked a zookeeper just about a year ago during a public feeding, said Robert Jenkins, the zoo's director of animal care and conservation.Read Full Story