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Let's face it, the movies have always paired older men with younger women. It's sexist Hollywood tradition! But there's another level of this phenomenon we'll be investigating in the slides ahead. It's one thing to cast an older actor and a younger actress, it's quite another to cast them when they're upwards of 10, 15, or 20 years apart, or playing characters who are supposed to be 20 years apart. (And we're mot excluding the gender swapped reversals — there are plenty of older woman/younger man romances also). "May-December romance" is the term, but most of us just call these relationships "uncomfortable."

Whether it's Nabokov's famous story of Lolita told and retold again, or the scandalous affair between a teacher and student, we'll cover many films over the years that fit the trend. We apologize if they ruffle some feathers, but these are the most uncomfortable age gaps in movie history.