Winemakers In Trouble as Wine Prices Fall, Wine Drinkers Not So Much

By Jake on
The conventional wisdom is that in a recession, one of the last consumer goods to feel the pinch is liquor. People worried about their wallets may curtail buying that new flat-screen, or keep driving a used car, or shop at Old Navy instead of Banana Republic, but unless things get really, really bad, they keep on purchasing hooch.But what they're willing to pay for it may be dropping. Winemakers, especially small vintage producers, are finding that they are able to charge less for their...Read Full Story

Italy Says Boxed Wine OK

By Tatiana Guertin on
There was a time when boxed wine was only suitable for poor college students looking to get sufficiently sloshed and redneck weddings, but that time is long gone. To the surprise of wine connoisseurs around the world Italy's Agriculture Ministry has given boxed wines its stamp of approval.Before you groan and let out a confused "Whaaaa?" give the eco-friendly wine alternative a chance. I mean, honestly, if it's OK with Italy, then wine in a cube must be just as good.Boxed wine has been around...Read Full Story