Vote: Celebrity Selfie Showdown of the Week — June 19, 2014

By Darrick Thomas on
The "selfie" has become part of the pop culture lexicon, and for celebrities mastering the art of social media, posting them is part of building their brands. Which is to say, a selfie is just another form of self promotion. So who's doing it best this week? We've scoured Instagram and Twitter to find the contenders for the best selfie in this week's Celebrity Selfie Showdown.Jennifer LopezAshley BensonMiranda KerrSelena GomezBeth BehrsGwen StefaniKaty PerryThe RockDemi LovatoKelly BrookAndy...Read Full Story

'Malefiftycent?' Watch the Rated R Parody to Disney's Latest Blockbuster

By Joey Skladany on
ABCWhat happens when you combine a Disney villain with one of rap's most influential artists? Malefiftycent, of course. 50 Cent stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to introduce his spoof on Maleficent, proving once again that his foray into acting has been both worthwhile and amazing (unlike his baseball skills). While he's no Angelina Jolie, 50 brings his own honest flair to the role: “I’ve been shot nine times, I’m not afraid of no little white girl.”Check out the funny clip below!Read Full Story

The Worst Celebrity First Pitches of All Time

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(Getty Images)For the most part, celebrities are consistently reminded of how great they are and that they can do just about anything because of that greatness. For some of though, they learn the hard way that this isn't always true, particularly when tasked with the honor of tossing out the ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game. Things can get ugly fast, which is unfortunate for them (and hilarious for everyone else).50 Cent is the latest to realize his athletic prowess in the ballpark...Read Full Story

50 Cent Admits He Has Something in Common With Alec Baldwin, Says He's Writing His Son Out of His Will

By Alicia Dennis on
(Getty Images)Bad times for 50 Cent. Just a few days after being accused of domestic abuse by Phillipines-born model/actress Daphne Joy, the rapper and entrepreneur saw some very unflattering texts between himself and his son splashed all over the Internet. In the exchange, which can be read in its entirety here, 50 calls his son a "little a**hole," revealing that he does actually have something in common with Alec Baldwin — other than a love of money and great comedic timing, that is...Read Full Story

50 Cent Admits Chief Keef Doesn't Listen to His Advice

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(Getty Images | Chief Keef)Rapper 50 Cent wishes nothing but the best for his fellow Interscope recording artist Chief Keef, but he'd be lying if he pretended he wasn't worried about the 17-year-old from time to time. In a new interview with Hartford's Hot 93.7, 50 says he's given the young rapper some sage advice, but that it doesn't seem to have taken hold."He’s completely influenced by his environment, but that’s the nightmare,” 50 Cent said of Keef, who has been arrested a string of times...Read Full Story

50 Cent Is An Influential Tweeter with Absolutely No Filter

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(Twitter)Rapper 50 Cent could probably be even more influential online than he already is, but he's more interested in keeping things real. The performer and entrepreneur has over 7 million Twitter followers and nearly 31 million Facebook fans despite not having released an album of his own since 2009. Those followers are treated to a flood of often hilarious and almost always inappropriate material, like the time he responded "OK" to a fan's request to urinate in her mouth (sorry, but it...Read Full Story

Rob Kardashian's Socks and 10 Other Failed Celebrity Business Ventures

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(Photos: Getty Images)Nowadays it's not enough to be an actor or a musician or even a reality star. You have to be a brand and an entrepreneur — that's the modern day concept of celebrity. Unfortunately, for every Jay-Z there are a dozen other stars who try and fail to expand into other markets. Take Rob Kardashian — just a guy trying to cash in on his (mostly his sisters') fame with a line of fancy socks for fancy men. The only problem is there aren't enough fancy men who want fancy socks...Read Full Story

Diddy Is Still Richer Than Jay-Z

By Lani Conway on
Getty More money, more problems? Not if you're Diddy who rounds out (again) Forbes' annual list of the top five wealthiest hip-hop artists. Looks like convincing partygoers to suck back a Ciroc and cranberry still trumps Jay-Z's empire state of mind. Maybe next year, Jigga Man. Below, check out the other rappers rolling in some serious cash: 1. P. Diddy ($580 million) Getty2. Jay-Z ($475 million) Getty3. Dr. Dre ($350 million) Getty4. Birdman ($150 million) Getty5. 50 Cent ($125 million) GettyRead Full Story

Chelsea Handler Reveals What It was Like to Date 50 Cent

By Deena Bustillo on
Chelsea Handler has a lot of hilarious dating stories from over the years. In fact, she had enough material to write two books about the men who've been in (then quickly out) of her life. And it sounds like she could write a third about her experiences with none other than 50 Cent!Those two dated briefly back in 2010 and the Chelsea Lately host recently opened up about her time with the rapper on Oprah's Next Chapter. By the way, the two split when Fiddy had to call Handler to warn her about...Read Full Story

Erin Andrews Explains That Awkward Kiss Miss with 50 Cent

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One of the most buzzworthy (and funniest!) moments to come out of this year's Daytona 500 went down before the race even started. ESPN reporter Erin Andrews straight-up denied rapper 50 Cent when he went over to her all puckered-up for a kiss. Exhibit A:Anyway, now that the dust has settled, Ms. Andrews would like to clear things up. First of all, she takes full blame for the major fail. "It was my fault. I was rushed - none of the drivers were in their spot for the Daytona 500 pit walk. They...Read Full Story