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Dina Lohan RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 Finale Party
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Dina Lohan Guests Attend the Ranbeeri Denim Launch Party, Hosted by Ali Lohan
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Dina Lohan Dina Lohan's Court Appearance
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Dina Lohan Pleads Not Guilty to DUI Charges

By Lani Conway on
(Getty) Dina Lohan has pleaded not guilty to DUI charges stemming from her Sept. 12 arrest. The mother of Lindsay Lohan appeared alongside her attorney Mike Heller, in Nassau County District Court in Long Island on Tuesday to maintain her innocence. The judge preceding the case ultimately released the 51-year-old under supervised probation. After surrendering her driver's license, Lohan promptly left the courthouse in a black Rolls-Royce. She's due back in court on Oct. 23. If you will recall...Read Full Story

Lindsay Lohan's Mom Arrested for Drunk Driving

By Deena Bustillo on
Bauer GriffinA Lohan found herself in some hot water last night in Long Island, but it wasn't Lindsay. Nope, this time it was mom Dina who got arrested for drunk driving Thursday. TMA reports she was pulled over by New York State Police at about 11pm for speeding — 77mph in a 55 zone — when officers say she appeared intoxicated. Her blood level registered at .20, more than twice the legal limit of .08. According to law enforecement officials, "Lohan made an allegation that she was injured...Read Full Story

Dina Lohan: Lindsay's 'Happy' To Be in Rehab

By Deena Bustillo on
Bauer GriffinOn Friday, Lindsay Lohan finally checked into rehab for her 90-day court-mandated stay. The troubled star will be calling the Betty Ford clinic home for a while and her mom assures everyone she's "happy" there. "I am so relieved and thankful that Lindsay is getting the help she needs in a credible place," Dina Lohan said (via E! News). "She actually wanted to go, whether the court said to or not. She is happy there, to get introspective and get back on the right track."Dina said...Read Full Story

Lindsay Lohan, Dina Lohan Involved in NYC Club Fight; Cops Called

By Jill Slattery on
Just when you think poor Lindsay Lohan might be getting her life back together — she's playing screen legend Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming TV movie Liz & Dick and she hasn't been thrown in jail lately — trouble strikes. And, as usual, the trouble has to do with the world's worst parents: Dina and Michael Lohan. Police were called to the Long Island home of Dina Lohan early Wednesday morning after Dina and her daughter reportedly partied until 4am at Manhattan' Electric Room nightclub. (Why...Read Full Story

Dina Lohan Planning Tell-All About Lindsay

By Deena Bustillo on
Bauer GriffinTMZ claims Dina Lohan is planning to "expose her own daughter's dark secrets" in her memoir, while Lindsay's mama says that's a "total lie." However, Dina doesn't at all refute the fact that a book is being shopped around Hollywood. In fact, the actress' mom says “when and if” she does write up her life, it will be “all positive.” Apparently "all positive" still includes chronicling her daughter's drug and alcohol abuse. The folks at TMZ got their hands on a copy of the...Read Full Story
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