WikiLeaks Video

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WikiLeaks is a website that allows people to post information, including photos and videos, that 'powerful interests' would prefer to keep secret.  In this case, that powerful interest is the United States government and military.  Today Wikileaks published a video clip showing an attack on seemingly innocent Iraqi men from 2007.The video has now been posted on YouTube and is being shared on social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook.  The video shows a military attack on 8 men in...Read Full Story

Life in Afghanistan

By Tatiana Guertin on
A U.S soldier watches a DVD on his laptop at the Korengal Outpost October 29, 2008 in the Kunar Province of eastern Afghanistan. Viper Company of the 1-26 Infantry is based at the remote Korengal Valley outpost and fights in some of the heaviest combat with Taliban insurgents in all of Afghanistan. Soldiers stationed at the base will be there for at least a year and receive just over two weeks of leave outside of Afghanistan during their deployment. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images AsiaPac...Read Full Story

5 year anniversary in Iraq

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Today is the 5 year anniversary of the United State's war in Iraq.  Anniversaries are times to reflect on the past and take note of lessons learned.  On this anniversary I can't help but feel sorrow for the lives lost and the political turmoil created.  I can only hope that the next administration will find a graceful exit, but I'm not optimistic.Read Full Story

The war in Iraq, is it about more than just Iraq?

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In talking about the War in Iraq, President Bush is increasingly mentioning Al Qaeda and Iran as key reasons for staying the course and keeping US troops stationed in Iraq for the long haul. "It's become the heart of the defense of why we should stay in Iraq for an indefinite period of time – that the consequences of withdrawal would be victory for one or both of those two" adversaries, says Rand Beers, director of the National Security Network, a Washington think tank consisting of mostly...Read Full Story

President Bush preps for battle with congress

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President Bush reiterated his pledge to veto any congressional funding bill that includes a timeline for Iraq.  The president said that politicians should not "dictate how to run war".  In response to questions about the troop surge, the President claimed that the strategy is meeting his expectations, but he also said that continued attacks in the streets of Iraq were "horrific".  He has not clearly articulated his expectations for the next 2 months.As a counter balance to Bush's optimism...Read Full Story