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George W Bush George W. Bush and Laura Bush Speak at Veteran's Employment Opportunities Summit In D.C.
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George W Bush Former President of the United States George W. Bush Attends the 2015 Father of the Year Luncheon Awards
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George W Bush In Focus: Jeb Bush
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Bush Wipes Hand on Clinton: Video

By JJ Duncan on
In a video making its rounds through the blogosphere Thursday morning, former President George W. Bush appears to be caught wiping his hand on former President Bill Clinton's shirt while visiting Haiti. The two were filmed meeting victims of the devastating Haiti earthquake, shaking hands with onlookers as they rushed to greet them. Maybe Bush's hand got sweaty or maybe he touched something gross while he was shaking hands, but whatever it is, it looks like he soon mistakes Clinton's...Read Full Story

'Miss Me Yet' Billboard: Picture

By JJ Duncan on
A billboard in Wyoming, Minn., featuring a picture of former President George W. Bush with the words, "Miss Me Yet?" is raising eyebrows. Originally thought to be a photo manipulated for an Internet prank, it turns out the billboard is very real. NPR reporter Bob Collins confirmed the billboard's existence along I-35 in Minnesota. Collins reported Wednesday that he was trying to find out who paid to put the billboard up. After an extended search along with periodic updates, Collins...Read Full Story

G Dub Takes Shot at Colbert During Shout Out

By JJ Duncan on
(Getty Images | Inset from Colbert Report) WATCH MORE 'COLBERT REPORT' ON ZIMBIO More clips and episodes from the Colbert Report here on Zimbio! The guy who put our troops in Iraq gave them a quick shout out on the Colbert Report Thursday night. As Stephen Colbert wrapped up his week in Iraq, and explained why he's carrying around that golf club (apparently some people have never heard of Bob Hope?!) he played a message from former President George W. Bush.Dubya referenced Colbert's...Read Full Story

Don't Worry Dubya, They Still Love Ya in Texas

By JJ Duncan on
After taking off from the inaugural celebrations Tuesday in Special Air Mission 28000 (previously known as Air Force One), former president George W. Bush headed back to his ranch near Crawford, Texas. Upon landing in Midland, Tex., Dubya was greeted by his adoring fans, who hoisted giant Ws and cheered for the former leader of the free world. Which is more than the average American would do.According to Gallup, Bush left office with a 34% approval rating, with a 61% disapproval rating...Read Full Story

Bush Talks Mistakes, Disappointments at Final Press Conference

By JJ Duncan on
President George W. Bush was in good spirits today as he held his final press conference. Not only did he continually joke with the press corps, but he even listed some of his disappointments with his eight years in office.Bush has been very reluctant to say anything that could be construed as a "my bad" as he navigates the final chapter of his presidency. Even today, when asked about Guantanamo Bay and the United States' damaged international standing, he shrugged off the questions by...Read Full Story

Bush's Last Christmas in the White House

By JJ Duncan on
Before the outgoing president can pardon a list of crony white-collar criminals who should be locked up for life (see Marc Rich), he has one final duty on his way out. Light up that big-ass Christmas tree on the front lawn of the White House.It's a chance for us to all forget about the eight horrifying years of the Bush presidency and pretend like we have something in common with the presidential family. Except that while we just plug in a string of lights on a six-foot fir, George and Laura...Read Full Story

Muntadhar al-Zeidi's Shoe Throw Becomes Huge Internet Meme

By JJ Duncan on
It's been a few days since Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zeidi was arrested for throwing his shoes at President George W. Bush, which has given the Internets plenty of time to throw down on its latest favoritest meme."The Bush-Shoe Incident / Response Time" (Play it here)mind360.com has this game to test whether or not you would be able to dodge the shoeThe Bush Shoe Dodge (Play it here)The French blog Bienvenue Chez Kek has posted this game where you play as Bush to dodge the shoe.Bush Shoe...Read Full Story
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