'My Antonio' Winner Brooke Barlow Says She and Antonio Haven't Spoken for Months

(Getty Images | Inset from VH1.com)

Brooke Barlow appeared to win Antonio Sabato, Jr.'s heart Sunday night as Antonio chose Brooke over Miranda Reinfeldt in the finale of VH1 reality show My Antonio. But in an interview with VH1, Brooke told them the hot on-screen relationship has gone nowhere fast.

Brooke and Antonio on the season finale of My Antonio. (From VH1.com)
"I’m just going to be honest with you: I am not in touch with Antonio," she said. "We haven’t spoken in probably two, three months."

Brooke goes on to explain that the flame was doused, at least in part, because of contracts the 2 signed stipulating that they couldn't be photographed in public until after the show's finale. Brooke says she got to know Antonio and his children behind closed doors and had "as good of a time as you can have" without being seen in public.

"We couldn’t really court, because we weren’t allowed to be seen in public, so it’s very difficult to try to have a relationship behind closed doors," she said. "We had just met and we tried to pull it off. We saw each other for probably a couple of months after the show was filmed, and then we just decided it was best to see other people, and I haven’t heard from him since."

Miranda Reinfeldt reacts to being told that Antonio is choosing Brooke. (From VH1.com)
On Sunday's finale (VH1 has the full episode online), the fiery Miranda was amicable about losing, calling it "OK" that Antonio chose Brooke. Perhaps she was trying to avoid a cringe-inducing exit like Antonio's ex-wife and former contestant Tully. Tully exited the show in the next-to-last episode in her wedding gown with tears streaming down her face.

It seems like a bummer for fans of the show to know the day after the finale that the couple at the show's heart is no longer seeing each other. Maybe they should show these things right after filming to give the couple a chance to have a more normal relationship. That whole not being able to see each other in public thing just doesn't fly in a new relationship where insecurities and expectations can already cause major tension.

Oh well, better luck on My Antonio 2, right?

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