A Head-to-Head Look at the Upcoming Marvel and DC Movies

Whose side are you on?

Rafael Hidalgo / Zimbio

For more than 70 years Marvel and DC Comics have been battling for comic book supremacy, forcing many a comic book geek to pick a side. Now the two giants of the industry are slugging it out on the big screen, forcing untold legions of fans to pick sides all over again.

Over the last few weeks we've learned all about the upcoming third phase of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and the full scope of the planned DCU (DC Cinematic Universe). Both have announced a slate of highly-anticipated movies all the way to 2019 for Marvel and 2020 for DC. But whose side are you on?

To help you answer that question, we've built a five-question quiz. Answer a few questions and we'll tell you if you're Team Marvel or Team DC — at least for the movies.

Here's a more detailed look at what we know about the scheduled releases.

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