U.S.N Blue Angels

By Livingly Staff on
The above video is from the NAF El Centro Air Show.  The 2013 U.S.N Blue Angels include:Blue Angel #1 - (Flight Leader) CDR Tom Frosch, USNBlue Angel #2 - (Right Wing) LCDR John Hiltz, USNBlue Angel #3 - (Left Wing) LT Nate Barton, USNBlue Angel #4 - (Slot Pilot) Captain Brandon Cordill, USMCBlue Angel #5 - (Lead Solo) LCDR Dave Tickle, USN Blue Angel #6 - (Opposing Solo) LT Mark Tedrow, USN Blue Angel #7 - (Narrator) LT Ryan Chamberlain, USNBlue Angel #8 - (Events Coordinator) Michael Cheng...Read Full Story