Misty Croslin Arrested

By Deena Bustillo on
Misty Croslin, the ex step-mother of Haleigh Cummings, a 5-year-old who vanished from her Satsuma, Florida home in February, was just arrested along with Haleigh's father Ronald Cummings, on drug-trafficking charges. Croslin, 18, faces six counts of trafficking prescription drugs, and is in jail with a $950,000 bond, according to CNN. The former couple was arrested Wednesday, along with three other people, after they reportedly sold nearly $4,000 worth of drugs to undercover officers...Read Full Story

Misty Croslin's Brother Says She Wasn't Home Night of Haleigh's Kidnapping

By JJ Duncan on
Misty Croslin might not have been home the night Haleigh Cummings went missing, says her brother. Hank "Tommy" Croslin, Jr., has been in jail since mid-September for stealing a handgun from his parents' neighbors. And he recently told investigators an account of Haleigh's disappearance that contradicts his sister's. The night Haleigh went missing, Hank told police that her father, Ronald Cummings, tried to reach Misty more than 20 times by phone before calling him. Ronald asked Hank to go...Read Full Story

Misty Croslin 911 Transcript

By Livingly Staff on
911 transcript for missing Haleigh Cummings .   911: “911, what’s your emergency” Misty Croslin: “Hi…umm…I just woke up…and our backdoor was wide open and I think…and I can’t find our daughter” 911: “you can’t find what?” Misty Croslin:”our daughter” 911:” OK, what’s your address? Misty Croslin: “(inaudible)” 911: “OK, what’s the numerical?” Misty Croslin: “The numerical…what’s that?” 911: “the number…green lane?” Misty Croslin: “Yes” 911: “OK when did you last see her?” Misty Croslin: “Um...Read Full Story