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Rachel Weisz The Opportunity Networks Night of Opportunity
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Rachel Weisz Rachel Weisz Spends the Day with Her Son
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Rachel Weisz Rachel Weisz Takes Her Son to School
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June 2011 - Present
Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig reportedly spent a romantic Christmas weekend together in 2010, and were seen...
2002 - November 2010
Rachel Weisz and filmmaker Darren Aronofsky have been dating since 2002. Their first date was to Coney Island and got...
1999 - 2001
Rachel Weisz and Sam Mendes dated on-and-off from 1999 to 2001.

Who's the Fairest Snow White of Them All?

By Hayley Igarashi on
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What Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz Aren't Allowed to Do in the Bedroom

By Lani Conway on
(Bauer Griffin) Imagine this: you're under the covers trying to have a little "special" time with your loved one when you realize they're texting their mom, scrolling through Instagram, or updating their Facebook status with something mundane. It's a mood killer to say the least, or so says Skyfall star Daniel Craig. According to the 45-year-old actor, when it comes to what he and wife Rachel Weisz are allowed to bring under the covers tech toys are not one of them. "There's nothing...Read Full Story

'Oz the Great and Powerful' Lives Up to Its Name at the Box Office

By Joe Robberson on
(Disney)Despite opening to decidedly mixed reviews, Sam Raimi's Wizard of Oz prequel, Oz the Great and Powerful, earned an $80 million opening weekend, good for the third best March debut ever (behind Alice in Wonderland and The Hunger Games). 2013 has been a very down year at the box office due chiefly to a complete lack of quality films, but audiences turned out in droves to see James Franco reinvent an iconic character in Raimi's 3D and largely CGI recreation of The Land of Oz. Here are...Read Full Story

What's New in Theaters This Weekend: March 8, 2013

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(Bauer Griffin)The first truly big movie of the year hits theaters this weekend as Oz the Great and Powerful looks to sweep audiences off their feet. Our box office expert Jeff Bock predicts 2013's biggest opening weekend by far for The Wizard of Oz prequel. "In 3700+ theaters, expect a stateside opening of around $85 million for Oz, and, if all goes well, it certainly has a shot at the other side of the $100 million rainbow." Oz faces little competition this weekend as Jack the Giant Slayer...Read Full Story

Zimbio Review - 'Oz' the Lame and Unoriginal

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(Disney) The Bottom Line Should you see it? No. Why? It's a visual feast with no heart, no courage, and no brain. It's hard to tear up an innocuous film like Oz the Great and Powerful, but it really deserves it. Disney loves to recycle what they know works, and the idea of a prequel to The Wizard of Oz is exciting. However, the casting of James Franco, the lack of an original storyline, and the weirdness of Sam Raimi directing a Disney movie doomed this project. L. Frank Baum, who wrote...Read Full Story
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