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Ricky Martin 61st Annual Grammy Awards - Inside
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Ricky Martin 61st Annual Grammy Awards - Backstage
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Ricky Martin 61st Annual Grammy Awards - Congressional Briefings
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Ricky Martin Admits He Used to Bully Gay People

By Alicia Dennis on
(Getty Images)In the years since he opened up about his sexuality in a touching blog post in 2010, Ricky Martin has been a vocal supporter of gay rights, particularly in his native Puerto Rico. But in the October 2013 issue of GQ Australia, Martin admits he wasn't always kind to the LGBT community. In fact, it was quite the opposite."I was very angry, very rebellious. I used to look at gay men and think, I'm not like that, I don't want to be like that, that's not me. I was ashamed," Martin...Read Full Story

Ricky Martin Makes the '50 Most Influential Celebs Online' List — Who Knew?

By Darrick Thomas on
For many people, Ricky Martin was just a passing fad in the early '00s, but judging by his popularity on the Internet and sway with social media, the "Livin' La Vida Loca" singer never went out of style for a whole swath of people. That's why he landed at No. 40 on Zimbio's "50 Most Influential Celebrities Online."This rank isn't just arbitrary — it's science! Zimbio looked at the stats behind 160 top celebs' Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube accounts along with each of their...Read Full Story

LISTEN: Ricky Martin Unleashes His Electro-Heavy 'Come With Me'

By Lani Conway on
Ricky Martin hasn't exactly been in the mainstream eye lately, but he's having lots of fun Down Under where he's a coach on the Australian version of The Voice. The sultry Puerto Rican singer has apparently moved on from el ritmo to cater to audiophiles who prefer loud, banging club anthems that set the tone for a wild night of cocktail-soaked journeys. Enter "Come With Me," a raucous of a track filled with pumped-up electronic beats that's right in the wheelhouse of what everybody seems to...Read Full Story

Ricky Martin Says Fatherhood Has Taught Him About 'Unconditional Love'

By BangShowbiz on
The "She Bangs" singer’s two-year-old twin sons Matteo and Valentino have made him a lot less selfish because he always thinks of them before himself.When asked what he has learnt from his children, Ricky Martin said: "Heavy lessons about simplicity and unconditional love. I don't want to sound cliche, another father talking about unconditional love, but man, that's the way it is. You hear it all the time, but when you feel this other branch of love getting stronger and stronger every day, it...Read Full Story

Ricky Martin Wants a Daughter

By BangShowbiz on
Ricky Martin already has twin sons Matteo and Valentino, two, by a surrogate mother, but the singer admits he would love to expand his family further.He said: “Fatherhood is incredible! Every day is something different. Matteo and Valentino, they're constantly ganging up on me but I can take it! They're amazing -- I want more. This is only the beginning of our family."When asked how many children he was considering having, he added: “I don't know. Maybe one, two more, but yeah, definitely. I...Read Full Story