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Riley Keough 2019 Film Independent Spirit Awards  - Cocktail Reception
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Riley Keough 2019 Film Independent Spirit Awards  - Arrivals
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Riley Keough Picture Riley Keough Picture Riley Keough Picture
Riley Keough 2019 Sundance Film Festival - 'The Lodge' Premiere
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Riley Keough Picture Riley Keough Picture Riley Keough Picture

How Riley Keough Will Shake Up 'Riverdale'

By Jay Ruymann on
Keough is joining The CW hit as a "flirty farm girl" who will test Jughead and Archie's loyalty to their girlfriends.Read Full Story

Watch: Justin Timberlake Takes a Beating in His New Music Video for 'TKO'

By Darrick Thomas on
Justin Timberlake and Riley Keough need some relationship counseling or something, because what transpires between the two in the "TKO" video is far from healthy. For starters, JT gets dragged behind a pickup truck through the desert for the duration of the video, while it's intercut with scenes from the pair's love/hate back and forth at their apartment. A pants-less Keough and grumpy yet horny Timberlake vacilate between wanting to do each other and wanting to kill each other, and never...Read Full Story

WATCH: Lisa Marie Presley Puts Those Riley Keough Dating Rumors to Bed

By Lani Conway on
(Getty) We already knew that the dating rumors surrounding Elvis' granddaughter Riley Keough and Robert Pattinson were probably not true. In case there was still some confusion on the matter, perhaps this will set the record straight. On Thursday's Watch What Happens Live, Presley addressed her daughter's dating life saying, “I will say who she’s not with... and that is a complete lie, and the silliest thing I’ve ever heard, is that she was with Robert Pattinson, because she and Kristen...Read Full Story

Here's How We Know Robert Pattinson and Riley Keough Definitely Aren't Dating

By Deena Bustillo on
Robert Pattinson and Riley Keough (Getty)Robert Pattinson definitely isn't dating Elvis' granddaughter Riley Keough. We know this because she's actually back with her ex-fiance. Keough and Alex Pettyfer were apparently holding hands at the screening of Lee Daniels' The Butler this week, signaling to the world that she's taken — but not by Kristen Stewart's ex."There was definitely warmth between Riley and Alex," a source told Us Weekly of the latest development. "They were laughing together...Read Full Story

Report: Robert Pattinson Is Dating Elvis' Granddaughter

By Jill Slattery on
Robert Pattinson and Riley Keough (Getty)If the latest rumors are to be believed, Robert Pattinson's heart is definitely on the mend — with an old pal of ex Kristen Stewart's, no less.The Twilight vamp has been spotted hanging out with Riley Keough, the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and the granddaughter of Elvis Presley. Keough, 24, is an up and coming actress and model who appeared in the 2010 film The Runaways opposite KStew. In addition to driving around Los Angeles with Pattinson...Read Full Story