Emo Hairstyles from the Milan Runway

By Alicia Dennis on
Getty Images.Attention, lovers of emo! Your beloved emo hairstyles are becoming mainstream. At the Costume National fashion show at Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2009/10, all the brooding male models sported edgy, emo hairstyles that looked like they belonged on members of a Screamo group. Given that all the clothing the models wore came in black and gray, they were dressed right for the part, too. Getty Images.I like some of the hairstyles and think they'd look great on any guy who isn't...Read Full Story

More Cute Scene Hair

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A nearly-natural scene hairstyle uploaded to the Photobucket scene pages.Attention scene kids: if you haven't already stumbled upon the net's biggest collection of Scene hairstyles - many of them submitted by the scenesters themselves - then you must head there. Here are some of my favorite scene hair looks from the collection. Like the horizontal hair extensions? Here's where to find them.Scene Hairstyles for Guys -----------------------------------------------------------------Also on...Read Full Story

Young Hollywood Hairstyles: Miley, Ashley, and Vanessa

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Despite the popularity of the bob haircut among celebrities in their twenties (think Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, Jenny McCarthy, etc), the kids who keep it real on the Disney Channel keep their hair long and wavy. The stick-straight styles of the early 2000's are no longer in vogue, as stars like Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens embrace soft, flowy curls with lots of volume.Miley Cyrus Getty ImagesAshley Tisdale Getty ImagesVanessa Hudgens Getty ImagesIf you can't get your hair to look so...Read Full Story

Male Scene Hairstyles

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It's really not hard to get a sweet male scene hairstyle. By popular request, I've compiled some of the most helpful youtube videos on the subject, and added a few helpful tips and tricks.According to the kids at EmoworldTV, these are some of the hottest male scene hairstyles on the streets:Notice any patterns?All the guys in this video have medium-length long hair. If you want a nice scene style cut, you're going to need something to work with. Grow your hair out, and make sure to start...Read Full Story

Scene Hairstyles: The New Emo Frontier

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Don't Miss: Male Scene Hairstyles Pink Scene Hairstyles Scene Hairstyle Ideas from Harajuku I don't know all that much about Scene Kids, but I can also bet there's some contingent out there that would be furious to be labeled Emo.  Maybe I'm making some terrible Scene mistake by grouping the two concepts, but to those of us nearing a quarter-life crisis Emo Hairstyles and Scene Hairstyles are essentially the same thing.  I just seem to like the Scene Hairstyles a lot more.Image from...Read Full Story
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